Welcome to LP & Associates, LLC

La Crosse, Wisconsin



Step 1. Determine Your Budget

Before hunting for a rental, draw up a budget and take a hard look at where your money is going.

Step 2. Choose Your Rental Type

This step will depend on how long of a lease term you're after and how big of a place you need.

Step 3. Fill Out Application

You've determined your budget, narrowed down a neighborhood and found a place you want to call home. Your work is almost over, but now it's time for the landlord to determine if you're qualified to rent the property.


Lewis Parish



Toni Parish


Meet Our Team

LP & Associates, LLC, was founded in 2004. It’s a mother-son team specializing in offering affordable, quality housing. From renovating, leasing, and managing, we strive to provide convenient, safe and comfortable homes for the benefit of all.

What our tenants say

You have been extremely prompt on all my questions and housing requests. If our friends need a place to live, we will steer them to you!

K. Jahnke

Thank you so much for being our Landlords, we appreciated your open communication and honesty throughout our stay.

J. Olson far the best landlords I've ever had.

H. Kirwan